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There are two models of ZEECRANE available to fit your needs.

  The ZEECRANE  4500 4.5-Ton Carry Deck Crane

9,000 lb. Capacity                      34' 3" Max. Sheave Height

61" Travel Width                                        78" Travel Height

Reach 28' 1"                              Offset Jib  0/25/50 Degrees

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The ZEECRANE  9000 9-Ton Carry Deck Crane

18,000 lb. Capacity                            48' Max. Sheave Height

78 3/4" Travel Width                        86 1/4" Travel Height

Reach 40'                                      Offset Jib 0/15/30 Degrees

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Early Issues
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Carry Deck Cranes Built to Perfection

Lifting heavy materials has never been easier with industrial cranes from Zero Emission Equipment in Fontana, California. We offer carry deck cranes, which are load-lifting self-propelled cranes that can be maneuvered even in tight areas. In addition, our 4500 Series carry deck cranes are compact enough to fit through a double door, can lift 9,000 pounds, and are whisper quiet.

Fully Functional

If you're tired of dealing with complaints due to engine maintenance and ever-increasing emissions compliance, our all-electric lifting equipment is what you've been looking for. We offer flexible carry deck cranes with very low noise and emissions levels, which is perfect for construction and use in confined spaces or structures such as:

Houses of Worship | Refineries Indoor Projects | Clean Rooms

Food Processing Plants | Parking Structures | Industrial Sites

Compact and Sturdy

Our carry deck crane is comparatively smaller than other hoisting equipment, making it easier to drive and control. In fact, it can even get through a double-office door. You'll also have an easier time raising any heavy equipment because our crane has a 9,000-lb. capacity.

Standout Cranes

It took us seven years to perfect the construction of our carry deck cranes. Compared to contemporary industrial cranes, ZeeCranes have a longer boom, feature a modern design, and offer more capacity. Moreover, our cranes are competitively priced to lifting equipment with internal combustion engines.